Android 10 Launched for Google Pixel line of smartphones

This may be the perfect time for Google Pixel users to start updating their mobile OS. Android 10 has finally launched for Google Pixel and will expand to include partner devices shortly.

The Android version launched prior to Android 10 was Android Pie. Now, Google has finally decided to move away from the names of desserts for subsequent Android versions.

The new Android OS has a range of exciting highlights. They have a nice night theme, fine features for accessibility, enhanced privacy features, and better parental controls.

A few of the partner devices that are very likely to have Android 10 OS in the near future include ASUS ZenFone 5Z, Huawei Mate 20 Pro, LGE G8, and Nokia 8.1.

Let us take a look at a few of the top features of Android 10 OS.


Going by Google’s discussions regarding the phone, the prime area of focus for Android 10 OS is associated with user privacy. Just as an example, a user can now define the situations wherein an app can access his location. Earlier, however, a user merely had a choice at letting the app access his location or not.

Android 10 similarly offers more refined controls for file management. Similarly, access to device identifiers that can help track a user has been restricted. This may come in the form of serial no. or IMEI. There are some related Ids as well for tracking a user.


Android 10 OS will give out alerts in the form of bubbles. Small circular bubbles will display over the smartphone screen. The feature is pretty much similar to Chat Heads, which we find in Facebook messenger.

Users will have a choice at approving the apps that would give out bubbles notifications. A smartphone screen would hence not be overrun with alerts.

Shortcut sharing

Share sheet loads real slow in prior Android OSs. Shortcuts and apps then rearrange themselves a few times over. With Android 10, things have changed, and the share sheet loads pretty fast.

Dark Theme

Android 10 will now officially have a dark theme in place. The interface would hence be nice and dark to reduce the strain over the eyes and save the battery as well.

Live Caption

Android 10 has the live caption feature. Captions can be added to any video that one is watching over the phone. This does not require a data connection. The captions are added over the device itself.

Parental Controls

With the launch of Android Pie (9.0) came the Digital Wellbeing tool. It is nowadays coming across appreciation for its finer parental controls, as offered by Android 10.

Parents would now be able to set a time for bed, put limitations over app usage, limit screen times, and approve the installation of apps with the Digital Wellbeing tool in Android 10 OS.

Support for Foldable Screen

Galaxy Fold and Huawei X are likely to be launched in the near future. Android 10 enables foldable Screen Support. It offers support to figure out when an app is paused upon folding the device, and when it needs to resume when the device is reopened. Similarly, there is functionality for resizing the apps as well.

Features for better photography

Google Pixel phones come with a single camera only, but they do a great job of figuring out the depth within a photograph. Google has now integrated a section of the technology in Android 10. The new tools correspondingly capture the dynamic depth of the focus area for the photographs.


Android 10 does have a name that is away from convention as compared to prior Android versions. But there are serious changes in functionality as well. This makes Android 10 more utilitarian, coupled with more fun as well.