Best iPhone (iOS) Apps of 2019

Apps are what set the iPhone apart from Android. They are invariably the best in the class. But figuring out the best iPhone apps from the millions available is not easy.

Here is a list of some of the finest iPhone apps that we have come across and used in 2019. They are characterized by the best in the class creative tools, video editors, and social networking clients.

Photo editing app

Retrospecs is an app that displays the world as gaming hardware would. One clicks a photograph or uses the app to take one. Then one chooses the presentation from a range of systems available, original Mac, Commodore 64 and Game Boy. The app is more than using filters. One can adjust parameters such as virtual CRT distortion and image corruption.

8mm Vintage Camera
Video editor app

8mm Vintage Camera is the best choice for shooting authentic retro films. iPhone videos are transformed into the kind that may have been shot in between 1920 and 1970.

There is more to the app than applying filters. One can add jitters to imitate frame shakes, or add effects such as color fringing or spotlights by swapping lenses. Shooting live lets the user see the effect. One can add titles and music, and do a lot with the app.

Linea Go
Art and design app

Linea Go makes sketching over the iPhone effortless. One has a choice at using a grid or a paper texture for the base of the image. Five layers atop them make it easier to come up with complex compositions. One can isolate one component while one draws the other.

There is a pencil and some pens for sketching. The end results have a seriously digital look. It is a fun app that can be used with photographs as well.

Infuse Pro 6
Entertainment app

Infuse Pro 6 is a top-class video player that streams from cloud storage, network drives, and PCs. It needs no server for general usage. When files are named right, it downloads cover art by default and keeps the files organized. Watching movies is easier as the subtitles can be grabbed with a single tap. When halfway through a movie over your phone, Infuse syncs the progress with your Apple TV.

Zombies, Run!

‘Zombies, Run!’ is an app that reinforces your resolve to upkeep your fitness levels. The methodology used for the same is not data and stats. It scares users through Zombie threats. The overall experience is highly adventurous. One gains supplies on his run to stay safe against a Zombie attack. The app also unlocks missions. There is more to the fitness app than numbers and music. It is a must for fans of exercise and horror. The app unlocks missions on a weekly basis and is essentially a fitness app.

Sago Mini Village
Kids’ app

The app is a building block game for younger children. It occurs in a vibrant realm with grinning gnomes all around. Drag-and-drop method constructs houses. When villages are constructed, gnomes move in and start living. Then they move around and visit friends.

The overall effect is a feeling of wonder. The app finds favor with younger kids, amuses them. The interface is elegant, and kids can play offline.

Music app

Djay is a strong DJ app. It comes with a fundamental two-deck system and a crossfader. Other effects include looping. It is a nice app for amateur, hobbyist, and professional DJs. One can run four decks at a single time and do some video mixing as well. The app comes with over 1 GB of video samples, visuals, and loops. There is a sufficient bit of solution for hardware integration as well, lets you play your music. The option of Automix lets you take a break from DJ work. Physical controllers make it all real.