Blogger vs WordPress: Which Is Best for You

Once you have made up your mind regarding the writing of your blog, next, you have to decide which platform suits you best. Blogger and Word Press both offer many features, which you will have to understand. It is only then that you will be able to choose. Co-terminously, you will have to understand your own needs – what is it exactly that you are looking for.

Blogger is simple and allows you to board the realm of blogging almost immediately. Word Press is much more evolved. Word Press is a full-featured Content Management System for building websites. You will have to be aware of each one’s pros and cons before you settle on either.

Word Press: more fully evolved

WordPress is a Content Management System. It can be used to build any type of website. On the other hand, Blogger is for blogs only.

WordPress is free, but it will not host your website. You will have to opt for a web hosting plan and select a domain name. Only then will you be installing and setting up your WordPress site. On accessing your WordPress admin dashboard, you will find that WP offers the same options as Blogger. You will be able to create posts, edit settings, and select themes. But WP has more: it has a plethora of plugins to add a variety of features to your blog. These include – a simple contact form, assistance in getting a higher ranking in search engines, or adding true eCommerce to your blog.

Blogger: Off to a simple start

With a Gmail account, you have your blog up and running. You can select a theme, title, and domain name (a custom domain has to be paid for). You will have a simple dashboard –with options to create posts, add pages, and respond to comments. Your activities will be updated immediately on your live blog.

Now we move to a succinct comparison. These points would be especially relevant to a first-time blogger :


  • You are running a blog in minutes;
  • The features required for creating posts is so easy it can be very easily learned;
  • No hosting plan necessary;
  • Options are available for customization, albeit limited.
  • The most basic functionality; only the barest minimum can be done with it;
  • Feature and appearance customization is restricted; the same is true for custom code;
  • You do not own your content; Google does (though the content can be exported).


  • With the help of quality WordPress hosts, you can set up your blog pretty fast;
  • It is actually beginner-friendly;
  • Thousands of plugins and themes await your originality in the creation of a customized site;
  • It is a piece of cake to add custom code and make your blog replete with complex features.
  • Since good hosting with WordPress comes at the price of a small amount of money, WordPress is not really free;
  • The performance and security of your website are your responsibility alone.


Both WordPress and Blogger are great service providers if it is blogging you are aiming at. The main factor affecting your decision to choose will be the amount of time your blog requires. If your blog is best supported by a simple portfolio, and you want to spend the least amount of time in administrating your blog, Blogger is for you. Plus, it’s free of charge.

However, if you are looking for that customized, unique look, with specific, complex features – go for WordPress.WordPress is generally recommended for a professional-looking portfolio.