Prime apps for Android smartphone

If one uses an Android smartphone, he has a choice at a number of fine apps that he can use. The apps would let a user track sleeping patterns, catch movies, and sync files. There would be a few for keeping pace with a user’s reading habits.

Here are some of the finest apps for one’s Android phone:


With Dropbox, one can access files from anywhere. It allows one to sync his files seamlessly from any of the portable devices and vice versa.

Dropbox can operate over the web as well. Its compatibility with macOS, iOS and Windows makes sure that syncing files is never difficult. One can hence take a backup of important photos and videos over the cloud and keep important pdfs with oneself.


Plex allows one to stream his media files to his device. This may be photos, TV shows, movies, music, or anything from one’s laptop.

To start with, one must install flex over one’s macOS or Windows computer. Then, one can stream any content stored over the hard drive on to one’s phone.


The pocket may be one of the finest apps for avid readers. It lets one keep up with one’s reading habits.

If you ever came to realize that you do not find sufficient time to read all the online articles that you wanted to read, and the tabs keep proliferating, Pocket is the app for you. Using Pocket, one can save articles from any browser. This may be over one’s phone, tablet, or computer. One can then leisurely read the articles over the Android app. Pocket enables a reading experience which is easy over the eyes and free from all commercials.


Snapseed offers all that you need from and image editor and more still. We essentially come across a number of Android apps for photo editing, but Snapseed is different.

With Snapseed, one finds access to every image tweaking tool one can think of. One can do a whole lot of stuff, adjust colors, and remove objects. One can also achieve fine-tuning effects for sceneries, selfies, or other photographs. Similarly, one can apply some filters in a matter of seconds and come up with a new version for the photographs.

The number of features over Snapseed is many, but the app is nevertheless straightforward for usage. Similarly, sharing and exporting of results is simplified as well.

VLC Player

The VLC player is the finest of ways to deal with images, videos, and audios. Default apps for the same effect are available, but it is a fine idea to supplement these apps with the VLC player.

VLC Player is an all-rounder app. It does a fine job at any media playback job. So, one can play webstreams or apply subtitles. A user can also bring about a change in the sound settings using an equalizer that is in-built. Streaming content from your computer via the local Wi-Fi network can also be achieved.


SwiftKey is the app that upgrades a user’s Android keyboard and transforms the typing to the next level.

Prediction of the text is simplified. One then types easier by choosing from the options that are presented for consideration. Typing of each word is quicker. SwiftKey hence is the ideal app for someone who texts a lot or spends a significant amount of time over WhatsApp.

SwiftKey closely grasps the nicknames, slangs, or phrases that a user often uses. The suggestions are then presented in the format of text predictions, and intelligent autocorrect options.

A user also has an option at swiping instead of tapping. This renders an effect over typing speeds. A few of the other top advantages enabled by SwiftKey come in the format of emojis. The app renders support for a number of languages. One has a choice at a number of color schemes that prim up the keyboard’s presentation.