What is a Blog? – The Definition of Blog, Blogging, and Blogger

A blog is a discussion or informational website published on the World Wide Web with discrete, often informal text entries in the diary style.

The term “weblog” was created by Jorn Barger on 17 December 1997. The short form, “blog,” was invented by Peter Merholz.

Who jokingly broke the word weblog into the phrase we blog in the sidebar of his blog Peterme.com in April or May 1999.

Thereafter, Evan Williams at Pyra Labs used “blog” as both a noun and verb and invented the term “blogger” in connection with Pyra Labs’ Blogger product, leading to the popularization of the words.

Definition of a Blog:

A blog is an online informational website that displaying information in the reverse chronological order, with latest posts appearing first.

It is a platform where writers, or even a group of writers, share their views on an individual subject.

Blog structure:

The appearance of blogs has changed over time, and now blogs have different features. But, most blogs comprise some standard features and architecture.

Blogs tend to have a few things in common:

  • The main content area with articles listed chronologically, newest on top. Often, the items are organized into categories.
  • Header with the menu or navigation bar.
  • An archive of older articles.
  • A way for people to leave comments about the articles.
  • A list of links to other related sites sometimes called a “blogroll.”
  • Footer with relevant links such as disclaimer, privacy policy, contact page, etc.
  • One or more “feeds” like RSS, Atom or RDF files, etc.


Someone who runs a blog is called Blogger. And shares his or her opinion on a different topic for large audiences.

Here are some blogging categories and types:

  1. Lifestyle blog
  2. Health and fitness
  3. Travel and adventures
  4. Beauty and fashion
  5. Food and cooking
  6. Mom or dad diary
  7. Tech Blog
  8. DIY blog
  9. Gaming blog
  10. Personal Blog

To start a blog, many providers provide free or paid blog hosting plan to host your blog. Here are some examples.

  1. WordPress.org (CMS, Need Web Hosting)
  2. Wix (Free, Paid)
  3. WordPress.com (Free, Paid)
  4. Blogger (Fully Free from Google)
  5. Tumblr (Free)
  6. Medium (Free)
  7. Squarespace (Free)
  8. Joomla (CMS, Need Web Hosting)
  9. Ghost (Paid)
  10. Weebly (Free, Paid)
  11. Websites.co.in (Paid)

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Thanks, guys for reading this article. I have provided basics of a blog. For more, I will post an article about how to start a blog and how to write an essay.

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